Random Acts of Kindness

Well this is a heartwarming local story. Did you hear about this? A group of four men from West Hampstead who go by the name of ‘The Kindness Offensive’ have been in the news this week for giving out food to the hungry.  Good on them. 

Camden New Journal)

The Kindness Offensive (source: Camden New Journal)

This also drew my attention to the Random Acts of Kindness movement.  Not that there should have to be an organisation to make us all be good to each other!  But it’s easy to see how living in London can make you more prone to violence than kindness, especially when you have to deal with the awfulness of bus drivers, sales assistants and traffic wardens on a daily basis.

It’s probably been a while since I was randomly kind to someone (I helped an old lady with bags across the road a few weeks ago, but I don’t think that really counts), but I will try. 

Do tell – what kind things have you done recently?


One response to “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I’ll start the comments going by being kind to these boys! My cousin lives in Kilburn and showed me this. When I came to London I had no idea people still looked out for eachother like this.
    Well done all of you!

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